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Brentwood, Tennessee, is known for its beautiful residential neighborhoods, farms & parks that make up over 95% of the Cities valleys and the rolling hills. The city prides itself in an outstanding quality of life with a dozen fine parks, an amphitheater, an indoor/outdoor recreation facility free to taxpayers, an excellent library, and walking and bike trails throughout the city. The Public Education system is 2nd to none, with 2 of the top senior high schools in the county located right here in Brentwood. The children's library is ranked in the 8th in the United States. The city is about 35 square miles and is situated just south of Nashville, Tennessee, which places you minutes from live music ranging from classical to the honky tonks of Broadway. For the sports fan, Nashville offers NFL & NHL live action along with minor league baseball. The population of Brentwood is roughly 37,000 and growing due to the city's focus on family and business. There are many major retailers, hotels, restaurants, and corporate headquarters in Brentwood, which makes it a desirable environment for employment and high-quality living. It is not uncommon to see your favorite country music star, professional athlete, or even Hollywood actor/actress in and around the Brentwood area, as many of these folks are proud to call Brentwood, Tennessee, home


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