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If you are looking to sell or buy a home, we strongly suggest you work with Jarod. Within a 30 day period, we sold and bought a new home in the Franklin/Brentwood area. We were pressed with all the typical details, but we also had to work around the schedules of our two young children. Jarod was sensitive to our needs and always worked to accommodate us. Jarod never got emotional during negotiations and truly came across as someone that has been there, done that. I think having someone with experience is vital to your success, and Jarod brings experience along with a caring touch that not too many realtors possess.
With Jarod working with you, we are sure your shopping/selling experience will be a good one.  

Best Regards,
~Jeff & Jacqalyn B.

Jarod made a transaction people typically fear, fast and painless.  As important, he showed a caring and interest even after the close to ensure I was happy and had a pleasant transition to my new home.  If you want an agent genuinely concerned with making the house buying experience a good one, Jarod is your man!

~Chris D.

My wife and I had never moved away from our hometown before moving here to Nashville.  To say we were a little nervous about the move would be an enormous understatement.  Thankfully our fears were soon put to rest when Jarod was referred to us. 

In Jarod, we found exactly the agent we were looking for: an agent with an encyclopedic knowledge of the Nashville area, an agent with an army of real-estate resources, contacts, and services at his fingertips, an agent who was willing to put in the time and effort well beyond even our demanding expectations, and an honest agent who considered our needs first and foremost to any opportunity of a quick sell. 

Thanks to Jarod's knowledge, resources, efforts, and integrity we have since found the perfect home for our  family.  We recommend him highly, and we will use him again for any moves in the future.

~Mark & Susan R.

I want to thank you again for not being a salesman, but a Realtor.  The difference?  You genuinely cared about us whether we have been buying or selling.  In today's world where everyone is a salesman willing to do anything to make a buck, Jarod you are a breath of fresh air. 

You have been the epitome of customer service and satisfaction.  In all of my real estate dealings Jarod, you are the only realtor that still contacts us to make sure we were still happy a full year after the deal is done.  The biggest investment of your life should be with someone you trust and that person is Jarod Tanksley.        

Thank you again!

~Chris & Hope F.

Jarod Tanksley was my realtor for almost two years.  As a builder my livelihood is based on houses         selling.  As soon as I approached Jarod about being my realtor he took the challenge and we never looked back.  He helped in every way possible in determining price point, location, and customer needs.  Not only did Jarod sell every new start before completion, he also was able to get our asking price every single time.  He also consistently called to check the progress and stage of construction as well as ask if there was anything else he could do to help. 

 So, to anyone seeking an agent who is honest, aggressive, and experienced in the realty field, Jarod Tanksley is your man and you will be happy to have him for all of your real estate needs.

~Rob J. Chief Manager

I would like to thank you for all your help on finding our dream house. We are very happy and can not    describe how much we appreciated for that. From the beginning we realize you were a person who really wanted to help. You explained all elements and all expressions and statements that we were not familiar in constructs and other written documents that we did not understand.

I appreciate for all you patient, especially after we were not ready for decision, and were asking you to bit on that house, bit on that house and so on. It looked like we were playing with you, but you understood us and advised us, "please take your time and do not rush to make a decision, which you do not find that to other realtors, and we are grateful for that.

I would be able to write and write about our good experience with you, but I am gone conclude with this; you are a very professional, good man with a character, person of word and action and I would love to refer you to my fellow and my friends.
~Dr. Sajo & Vera B.

I'd love to tell everybody about the super service that you've given us! The great thing about you is you didn't sell us a house and forget about us. You've stayed in touch with us for two years always ready to answer   questions and send us information through email.

As a matter of fact I gave one of your cards to a student of mine a few days ago who will be looking for a home in a few months. I suggested that she do everything you suggest, including financing, because she'll benefit greatly by working with a reputable firm concerned with her best interests.  I told her that you took us to your office and pulled up homes on the computer in the price range we could afford. I also told her how you patiently and tirelessly drove us around looking at homes in the area we chose to live.

Here it is two years later and we're thinking of selling our home, perhaps purchasing a condo                   and we're relying on your skill and advice again.  

Thanks for being so good at what you do!

~Bill & Debbie E.

I would like everyone to know that you made both of my home purchases a pleasant experience and the sale of my first home very easy. Jarod your concern for doing the right thing for me was evident in the perseverance and patience with finding and showing us many properties. We also liked Jarod's honesty and willingness to answer questions. Flexibility is one of Jarod's better qualities as a realtor which was really important to us. Mostly my wife and I liked the way Jarod advocated for our best interest in our real estate transactions.
Thanks Jarod,
~Steve & Brenda S.

The experience with Jarod Tanksley as our Realtor was a pleasant experience.
He was able to make the process quick & painless; he was able to negotiate and get us what we wanted on our purchase price on our new home.
But, most importantly he was able to give great advice to help us get our house ready to sell. Which I believe made it easy for him to market our home and get a quick sale and top dollar that we needed.
Thanks again,
~Nate & Stephanie S.

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