Date: 05/07/2020
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Nolensville, Tenn., Is a Great Place to Call Home

“One of the best kept secrets in Williamson County and Middle Tennessee”—  

That’s how residents describe the charming little town of Nolensville, Tennessee.

In 1797, when the Nolen family—William, Sarah and their five children—had the misfortune of breaking a wagon wheel and were forced to stop for repairs, Nolensville was born.

William and family were delighted with the surroundings and location of their mishap so much that he purchased a portion of a land grant on which the city of Nolensville was built. The town was incorporated in 1839, and was later the scene of several skirmishes during the Civil War.

To this day, there are homes and other buildings that can be seen on both sides of Nolensville Road that were built in the 19th century and are still being used for housing and other purposes. They comprise the historic portion of the city and include the Waller Funeral Home that has been in existence since 1876, the Nolensville Feed Company since 1890 (now the Amish Feed Mill),  and the old Nolensville Creamery (known for its excellent butter) which now houses an antique store. There is also a Bed and Breakfast nearby that was built in 1820, known as A Home Place Bed & Breakfast

Nolensville was re-incorporated in 1996 and since then, has seen a steady growth in its popularity and population. Several new home developments have begun and are thriving in the general area. This quaint little town can boast of its low-cost living partly because of having the lowest property taxes in Williamson County. 

Schools that educate the children of Nolensville are touted to be among the best in the state, according to the latest TCAP scores. The community is anxiously awaiting the new high school that is scheduled to open in 2015.

Sports activities for children are one of the top priorities in Nolensville as witnessed by a variety of different sport leagues for both boys and girls. Weekends at the local sports complexes are very active and filled with laughter and shouts of encouragement from fans and participants involved in local football, softball, baseball, and soccer.

Statistics from the Multiple Listing Service already indicate a 10% increase in both the selling price of homes and the selling price per square foot when compared to 2012. The average selling price so far in 2013 is approximately $370,400.00 and the price per square foot averages $122.00. The average home size is 3018 square feet. All signs point toward a healthy growth for this beautiful area.

To search for new listings in Nolensville and other areas of interest, just give me a call.