Date: 24/01/2021
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The Value of Buying Resale vs New


Many times people assume that new construction is always a better choice when it comes to finding the perfect home, but in reality, existing homes in established neighborhoods are a great investment in many ways. Here are my top reasons for buying a resale:

1. Consistent Home Value

Homes in established neighborhoods have a value history that can be tracked, so you can find out before you buy if it looks like homes in your favorite neighborhood retain their value or even go up over time.

2. Mature Landscaping

There's just something cozy and inviting about moving into a home that already has trees big enough for excellent shade and other landscaping features that create warmth and color. Also, older homes typically have much bigger yards in this area of Middle Tennessee.

3. Great Locations

If you work in downtown Nashville and a quick commute is a must, urban sprawl has pushed most new construction further and further out of the city limits. Established neighborhoods tend to be in closer proximity to downtown landmarks.

4. Architectural Character

Established homes not only carry a lot of history with them from previous owners, they also carry architectural details that are difficult to find in new homes. And if there's something that you just can't live with, typically upgrades such as countertops can be shopped for at a better price instead of at the set price that comes with new construction.

5. Community

There's something to be said about your overall happiness in your home if you love your neighborhood. Some neighborhoods in Williamson County have higher overall values in their homes simply because people want to be a part of an active community that supports the local schools, sports, and other activities. Visit the neighborhood and get a feel for it. Ask around and see what people are saying. Visit neighborhood Web sites to see about amenities and events. Basically, you can know what you're getting into before you buy.

6. Timing

Unless you're dealing with a foreclosure, buying a resale is usually a much quicker, seamless process. If your previous home is sold, then you should be able to move in with ease instead of having to find an in-between living situation while you wait for new construction.

There are so many great neighborhoods in the Brentwood, Franklin, Nashville Tenn., area, and newer isn't always better. Give me a call and let's discuss what will best meet your wants and needs for the perfect home!


Jarod Tanksley/Brentview Realty