Date: 15/07/2020
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Great School Districts = Great Home Value

Last week I posted a blog about how to narrow your focus as you seek the best neighborhood for you and your family. Among the suggestions offered was to research the zoned schools for the neighborhoods you are considering. 

Many young people who do not yet have children and older adults who have already emptied their nests sometimes do not consider the full implications of buying a home in a great school district. But, it needs to at least be brought to your attention if you're looking for a way to maintain value in your home.

In an Aug. 13th blog post, real estate Web site reported that Chief Economist Jed Kolko found that asking prices for homes in a school district with a GreatSchools rating of 9 or 10 were 32 percent above average.

Another real estate Web site, says, "We can conclude that good schools do increase home values in some measure. Half of the home-buying population is willing to pay more than their intended budget to get into the right school district, and more than half would give up other amenities. Making a decision on buying a home should definitely include an analysis of the school district, even for buyers who don't intend to send children to those schools. Good schools provide stability for a community, and that's good for the property values of everyone who lives nearby."

The Nashville area has a lot of great schools, but I want to brag for a moment on the schools in Williamson County. Every year state officials name the top 5 percent of schools in Tennessee as "Reward Schools." This designation is based on academic performance and progress. This year a record number of schools in Williamson County won, with a total 28 schools claiming the honor!

Liberty Elementary in the Franklin Special School District (also in Williamson County) made the list this year, and the following schools in the Williamson County School District are as follows:

- Allendale Elementary School, Performance
- Brentwood High School, Performance
- Clovercroft Elementary School, Performance & Progress
- College Grove Elementary, Performance
- Page High School, Performance & Progress
- Fred J Page Middle School, Performance
- Grassland Elementary School, Performance
- Grassland Middle School, Performance
- Heritage Elementary School, Performance
- Heritage Middle School, Performance
- Hillsboro Elementary/ Middle School**, Performance & Progress
- Hunters Bend Elementary School, Performance
- Kenrose Elementary School, Performance
- Longview Elementary School, Progress
- Middle College High School, Performance
- Nolensville Elementary School, Performance
- Oak View Elementary School, Performance
- Pearre Creek Elementary School, Performance
- Ravenwood High School, Performance & Progress
- Scales Elementary School, Performance
- Spring Station Middle School, Performance & Progress
- Sunset Elementary School, Performance
- Sunset Middle School, Performance
- Trinity Elementary School, Performance
- Walnut Grove Elementary School, Performance & Progress
- Winstead Elementary School, Performance
- Woodland Middle School, Performance

If you'd like to learn more about the outstanding schools in Williamson County, check out the Williamson County School district here:

And the Franklin Special School District here:

This list shows that the whole county has great potential for maintaining home values! Contact me and I'll help you find the right home.

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