Thursday, 17 April 2014
How Agents Work the Market

Many times when people want me to help them sell their home, they want to know specifically what I will do to “market” their home to potential buyers. They’ve seen instances where someone was able to sell their home with a “for sale by owner” sign in the yard, or where someone sold their home on Facebook, so they’re basically asking me what the advantages are of having a Realtor. Although those kind of sales do take place, unless you live in a high-traffic area or one of your 500 Facebook friends just happens to want your house, it’s really harder than it looks to do it on your own. (See For Sale by Owner Vs. a Real Estate Agent.)

Their question is a valid one, so let me give you some insight into what I can do as a real estate agent to make your home more marketable in Nashville, Tennessee, real estate.

Online presence:
Within 24-72 hours of me listing your home, you will get an MLS (multiple listing service) number, and I will personally make sure that your listing appears on as many real estate Web sites as possible. Buyers are more self-starters these days thanks to the Internet, so they are looking at homes before they enlist an agent to help them buy. Your home needs to be popping up in as many places as possible for this reason.

Before people see your house in person, they’ve already viewed it half a dozen times online. Because those first-impression Web viewings are so important, each of my clients will have a video tour of their home, a personal URL Web address of the listing, and beautiful photography shots that will draw people in. Images are important! (Read A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words ... Or Dollars!)

“Secret” Realtor Network:
One of the biggest advantages to having a Realtor list your home is that I have access to a network that the public cannot see—one that is full of other Realtors who are looking for specific home specs for their clients. As soon as I list a 3-bedroom, 2-bath home in one of their client’s desired locations, they’re immediately showing it to them online and booking a showing.

Before you call me outdated in this approach, it has been proven that the older generation still reads it, and out-of-towners still pick them up to read more about the community when they are looking to move.

I’d love to list your house and get it sold quickly for you, so contact me at any time!









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