Saturday, 15 August 2015
An Inside Look at Nashville's Current Construction Projects

If you're a Nashvillian, I hope you like change, because the metro area skyline continues to go through a metamorphosis right before our eyes on an almost weekly basis. Investors are chomping at the bit to claim and develop valuable real estate that will serve the influx of people and industry. It's an exciting time for the metro area, and you have probably wondered at one time or another what some of the projects are as you drive around this growing city.

The Nashville Business Journal created a genius interactive Web page that takes the mystery out of more than 100 current projects going on in Davidson County, and they hope to add more as more information comes in. Follow this link to their article "Crane Watch," and you can click on each numbered project to see what is being built. There is also the option to read any other articles pertaining to that location, so it is very informative if you're super curious.

The majority of projects center around condo developments and mixed-use developments that are currently under way. The landscape is changing within popular neighborhoods and in once-neglected areas to make room for the estimated one million additional people who are projected to move to the Nashville area over the next 20 years, according to the Nashville Area Metropolitan Planning Organization.

One big change along popular Broadway Avenue will be the transformation of the 15-acre property that currently houses LifeWay Christian Resources. The property has been sold and will be turned into a mixed-use development, which has plans to include office, retail, residential, entertainment and hotel. LifeWay will be building a much smaller headquarters at the corner of 1st Avenue and Korean Verterans Blvd over the next two years.

With the vast number of new housing options being built around the metro Nashville area, I would love to help you find your place in this exciting city.


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