Sunday, 21 April 2013
Emotional pitfalls of selling your home

Brentwood sellers… don’t let your emotions prevent the sale of your home.

There are many predictable mistakes that sellers make based on emotions when it comes to the sale of their home.  Acting solely on these emotions puts your biggest investment at stake, as well as jeopardize the sale of your home in a timely manner.

Fair Market Value

This is a biggie; and most sellers let emotion rule when it comes to determining the value of their home in the Brentwood real-estate market. Many sellers base their selling price solely on their financial needs and what they deem necessary to be able to purchase their next home. There are many more factors that go into compiling market value for a home however.  Unfortunately, a home’s fair market value is largely determined by what qualified buyer will pay during a given period of time.  The most accurate way for this to happen is to review what has sold in your area, and the final sales price buyers actually paid for a comparable property.  As an experienced realtor, that knows Brentwood, TN and is informed about the daily market trends, I can effectively perform a market value analysis that will be critical to listing your home at a price that will bring in the most competitive offers. There are a few traps owners fall into when they have done large, expensive remodels that may feature specific upgrades that might not appeal to everyone. These are factors should be weighed when determining resale value.

Who’s The Target?

As your realtor, my focus is to assist you in determining who the target audience is for your home. This is critical to assess and implement the methods in which will market your home most effectively.  The surroundings of your property (such as being located close to downtown, or walking distance to the best schools) is critical to effectively targeting the proper buyer.

Let It Go

Attachment to the home that you brought your babies home to, or the sentiment attached to perhaps something you built or designed yourself can be detrimental to the sale of your home. It can possibly prevent you from looking at it as a sales transaction. No one else can perceive the sentimental value of your property. The buyer is trying to see if they can picture themselves in this space, so pricing it according to how you value the home might actually hinder the sale.   Typical traps include overpricing, not responding to market data and review after home has been on the market with no offers, not properly preparing the home for listing or ignoring staging advice.

Drop The Price

These are the dreaded words every seller hates to hear.  Overpriced homes rarely bring in multiple offers, if any at all.  Working with me to determine the best price from the start will prevent weeks or even months of stagnant showings and disappointment.

Posted on 04/21/2013 3:27 PM by Jarod