Wednesday, 30 September 2015
Get in on the Nashville Boom

WSMV News in Nashville reported today that the Nashville area is having a difficult time keeping up with the construction demand for housing. The main two areas of concern are the availability of land and the resources to build. The report went on to say that the problem is not just centered around a couple of hot spots in Nashville; it's all over the metro area. This is no surprise to locals as the housing market continues to boom and Nashville's name continues to be added to lists that tout the city's fast rate of growth.

One of the positives of this need for expansion is that areas of the city that have been neglected are seeing revitalization as people clamor for homes that will put them closer to work. Areas such as North and East Nashville continue to see new communities spring up on properties that once held homes in disrepair.

And even though the market is hot, the Nashville area is still well within the range of affordability in housing when compared to many other metro areas around the country. That factor combined with many other attractive qualities of livability explains why so many highly educated people are choosing to move here and settle down after college to pursue careers.

Another huge positive, according to Ralph Schulz, CEO of the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce, is that "People moving to Nashville help bolster the housing market and their spending ripples through the economy, but they also bring their skills and knowledge to the marketplace and that makes companies in Middle Tennessee more productive and broadens the prosperity we all enjoy," he said. The full story can be found in the Tennessean.

The growth around Nashville is exciting to me! The ripple effect in the economy is promising and I would love to help you find your own piece of real estate here! Also, if you're looking to sell, now is a great time to cash in on your great investment. Call me today.



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