Friday, 16 June 2017
Is NOW the right time to Purchase?

 Purchasing a home now can save you money in a couple of ways.  The determination of your mortgage payment is controlled by two factors.  The cost of the home and the mortgage rate.  You can throw into that equation how much your down payment will be.  This is the best time to purchase because all authorities on the subject say that mortgage rates will increase over the next 12 months.  Let's point out some really great reasons to purchase now.


*  Interest rates on mortgages are going to increase over next year

   When rates are at 4% you can be assured of a great mortgage on your home.  Knowing these rates are to rise is a very good reason to buy now.


*  Home costs will be RISING   
    In almost every article you read about residential real estate the opinion and research is the same.  The prices of homes are not going down but surely will be going up.  So why wait, now is the time to purchase your new home.  A great way to save your money is the prospect of constantly accumulating equity on your home. 



    Many times the amount you are paying in rent is more than what you would be  paying for the monthly payment on a mortgage on the same home.  So why not pay your own monthly mortgage payment instead of someone else's.  



    Let's face it, looking back is not going to help you decide what and when to purchase but working with a professional will help you see better what the future holds in higher prices and higher mortgage rates.  I am happy to sit down and show you the possibilities for you and your family to be in your new home before summer ends.  And always remember......

       ...... "You've Got a Friend in Real Estate"



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Posted on 06/16/2017 8:07 AM by Jarod Tanksley