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Moving Day can be challenging with Pets...

Moving day can be filled with anxiety but not if you prepare​ ahead of time and that includes the much loved family pet.  A local move can be much easier since at least you can keep your same veterinarian and local pet retailers.  An interstate move can be a bit more challenging ​but again preparation is the key to success.  Remembering some of the follwing ​suggestions can be of great help

*   A visit to vet with an inquiry about having a chip installed, if not already there, in case Skippy should get away from you.  This procedure is really not that expensive and you get a listing in the National Pet Registry.  At this time check to see all vaccinations are up to date- and get paperwork to verify and give to the next vet to care for your pet.  Some pets do not do well with change and this might be the time to ask the vet if a mild sedative might be needed for your pet on moving day.​

*   Keep familiar pet toys, feeding bowls and crates.  This will keep the ​pet's ​anxiety level to a minimum.   Make sure you have the regular brand of pet food.  This is not the time to grab a new kind on the road because you forgot to purchase or pack normal brand.  Even taking along water from previous home is a good idea to keep your pet from having an upset stomach.

*   A repetitive schedule of​ routines at your ​previous location is essential.  If Skippy gets a walk at 7:15 am each morning, try to keep this schedule.  Especially the same eating schedule.  When talking about food and water, it is a good idea to not give​ food or water for 5 or 6 hours before the trip to new home.  Especially if it is a plane ride.

*  For a long cross country move that requires a plane ride for all including Skippy, check ahead for airlines that consider animal transport.  Actually contacting a pet transport company is ideal.  Transport companies pick your pet up at your home and deliver to your new home with an all inclusive service.

*  Just like people​ animals have to become familiar with their new surroundings.  Using their previous utensils, toys and pet beds etc. is really a big help.  Once your family is settled, finding a new vet can be done by asking your previous​ veterinarian for a recommendation ​or by calling the humane society in your ​new location.  

*   Most of all​ remember to keep your pet's routine as regular as possible.  Also remember the day of the move to have someone familiar to Skippy care for him to shield him from all the confusion thus keeping their anxiety level down.  

  Always remember that you and I can work out these details before the big day of moving. 


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