Tuesday, 14 November 2017
Hidden Cost you can leave behind

It is easy to see big withdrawals from your banking account.  Let's talk about those small withdrawals that you hardly notice.  As the saying goes, the ones that are​ "nickel and dime​ing"​ you to death.  We can look at the few unexpected ways money is leaving your account.  Let's talk about ways to plug those leaks and with doing that your bank account will become much healthier.​

One of those ​deductions​ on your account is banking fees.  A very proactive way to protect yourself from a lot of fees is overdraft protection.  This is a huge help in avoiding overdraft fees and non-sufficient fund fees.   Another place to pay attention is to determine​ if your are paying a banking fee.  Many banks offer you free banking.  Maybe it is time to ​talk to your present banker about the possibility of offering you the service of free banking.

Another money leak is food waste. Take notice of what you are throwing away and try being more aware of how much you are buying and how much you are using.  Avoiding buying in bulk is also a way to eliminate waste.  When you go to a restaurant and don't finish your meal, bring it home and use it for a later snack or meal.  I am sure you will​ NOT ​be very surprised to learn Americans waste 40% of their food, according to a recent survey.

All of us have signed up for subscriptions that we no longer look at​ or have a gym membership which has never been used.  These gym member contracts can be tricky to get out of so be sure to read the fine print when joining.  Cancel these services if at all possible.

It seems one of the across the board expense ​that we love to hate ​is the internet and cable expense.  We might get a special introductory price to sign up and unfortunately the special price ends and we have no recourse unless we are willing to go without internet or cable.  ​Call the company and attempt to negotiate a smaller fee. ​Energy waste is something with can ​reduce​ with ​just ​a few tips.  Programmable thermostats are a huge help in saving dollars. ​

Thermal curtains during the wintertime are another way to save.  If your heat and air conditioning is overworking during the hours you're away, you could be wasting hundreds of dollars each year. ​Adjust the thermostat at night and when you are not at home.     

I hope some of these tips you will ​want to ​take into consideration and​ save ​you​rself​ hundreds of dollars throughout one year.​


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