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Eight Tips for Staging Your Home During the Holidays

Selling your home during the festive activities of the holiday season may come with a few extra challenges, but this time of year provides the perfect opportunity to stage your home in a warm and inviting way to buyers. The majority of people who home shop between now and the new year are motivated lookers, and with reduced inventory, you can make the holidays the perfect time to wow that motivated looker into your perfect buyer.

Consider these eight tips for staging your home:

  1. Follow the basic guidelines you would put to use any other time of the year before you list your home: Clean thoroughly; De-clutter; Eliminate odors; Finish all repairs.
  2. Beef up your outdoor lighting to help people see the exterior of your home on those shorter days of sunlight. If you do put up holiday lights, avoid busy colors.
  3. Clear walkways if there are snow and ice events.
  4. Greet potential buyers with a statement wreath on the front door to give them a small taste of the warmth they will feel inside.
  5. Before a showing, bake holiday treats or light a candle that makes it smell like you've been baking. Be sure to put the candle out before you leave.
  6. Light the fireplace. It's inviting!
  7. Do use decorations, but don't overwhelm any spaces. You want buyers to see how much space your home provides in every way. It's probably best to confine decorations to the main living spaces instead of spilling into every room.
  8. Stick to a color theme that provides a natural and warm feel and highlights your home's finishes.

Amy Powers, owner of Accent Home Staging & Interiors of Atlanta says, "Holidays can be personal on a lot of levels, but you want to make sure your decor is neutral. You want to romance your buyer, not invite them to your Christmas party."

I'd be happy to help you stage your home to sell this holiday season!