Sunday, 24 February 2013
Brentwood, TN Real Estate|.Sellers & Curb Appeal

Don’t let that buyer drive away!  The importance of curb appeal…

Perspective buyers often get their first impression of your home from an online photo or driving through desirable neighborhoods. Not only here in Brentwood, TN; but also nationally, 90 percent of home buyers searched online during their home buying process, according to the National Association of Realtors. That means what they see on the outside is a large factor in whether or not they desire to see the inside. It affects the perceived value of your home and can drastically hurt your homes chances of being shown.  Don’t become complacent and think that buyers have the vision needed to see your house in its best light, if it needs major TLC. Also keep in mind that many of the people who say they would consider a fixer-upper quickly change their mind when real life estimates for repair are recognized.

Over the next few days we’ll take a look at the good, the bad and the ugly of curb appeal and what can be done on all budget levels.

Curb Appeal Do’s:

  • Wash your house – eliminate any mold or fungus growing on siding or trim.
  • Trim & windows – don’t leave peeling paint exposed. Scrape, sand and paint any trouble areas.
  • Gutter trouble- fallen gutters and weeds growing out shout, “lack of maintenance”!
  • Chimney & roofs – inspect to ensure there are no trouble spots with missing shingles, repair loose mortar in the bricks. If they are in serious disrepair it will give buyers more negotiating power.
  • Front door – does it need a little updating to a more modern look or a fresh coat of paint?
  •  Lighting – make sure all exterior lights work, replace bulbs and even consider add landscaping lighting to highlight flower beds, trees and architecture.
  • Mailbox – changing the mailbox from a deteriorated, wobbly, or faded box dramatically improves the appearance and can cost as little as $40 – $50.
  • Don’t forget the shed – it often becomes the drop off point for unwanted household and yard items and is crawling with bugs /pests. Clean it up, toss out the trash and show off to buyers what an asset it is to the property.
  • Outdoor Features- proper maintenance of pools and outdoor living spaces ease the buyer’s mind that they aren’t walking into a potential hidden repair nightmare.
  • Garage Doors – make sure they lift and close properly and have all maintenance done early and clean and repair any broken glass.
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Thursday, 14 February 2013
Brentwood, TN Real Estate Tips #4|Pets

PETS – If it smells, it won’t sell…

We humans are very attached to our furry family members, but unfortunately not everyone shares our enthusiasm. Make sure that while your home is being shown, no one can see or smell evidence of your pet. Even if you don’t notice any odors, many people are turned off by a home where they think there are invisible pet “stains” that will smell in the future. I have shown hundreds of home, here in Brentwood, TN and can attest to the fact that buyers are even more selective when it comes to purchasing a home, where pets are evident.

Pets that are in the home during a showing are also a big deterrent. Many people are afraid or even allergic, so they aren’t going to take the time to properly look at your property if your kitty is rubbing against their leg (and sends them into a Benadryl-inducing allergy attack). Grab the pets and take them with you during a showing if at all possible. Perhaps, it’s possible to even make arrangements with a neighbor to let your pet visit them during a showing. Doggie daycares are also a great option when you know in advance the home will be shown, especially during open houses that can last longer than a typical appointment. Make sure that all waste is properly disposed of and also out of walking paths in the yard. A dog that barks incessantly or is protective of their territory can also set buyers on edge.

Pet stores sell a product called Nature’s Miracle which works excellent. It removes & neutralizes the odor so an animal can’t detect the stain again and prevents re-occurrence. Make sure that all waste is properly disposed of and also out of walking paths in the yard. Vacuum often, and invest in a good carpet cleaning. Often buyers will be alerted to look for more potential problems, just because an animal toy or bed is in sight. Make sure to put away food bowls, scratching posts, crates etc.

Jeff Taylor, owner of Taylor Home solutions is located right here in middle Tennessee. Jeff says, “Having your carpets properly cleaned by a professional not only ensures your carpets are spot free, but also odor free. A professional carpet cleaner carries solutions that are specific to removing pet stains and the smells that go along with it. Just be sure to choose a company that uses flat rate pricing, so you aren’t charged for each spot that has to be removed.” Tell Jeff, you read Jarod’s Blog!
Dogs have owners, cats have staff.” ~ Anonymous

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Up next…We will explore mortgage financing and current rates here in the Brentwood,TN real-estate market.

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