Monday, 29 April 2013
4 tips for buying a home in Brentwood, TN.

Buying a home in Brentwood, TN?  Regret -free hints and tips so you don’t miss your dream home.

The Brentwood, TN buyers market is cranking into full gear, and as the school year comes to an end, more and more listings go on the market each and every day. Time is of the essence, and if you do sit around too long, here in Brentwood, well…. that house will be gone!  There are a few common mistakes buyers here in the middle Tennessee area frequently make that can reduce your chances of getting your dream home.


Don’t wait until you are signing the contract to decide to contact your lender. These are critical decisions that should be made well in advance of driving up to the perfect open house. Most buyers come to regret not having a larger down payment.  If you plan out your home purchase, this can lead to being better prepared financially; lower financing costs and even better- lower monthly payments.   Also allotting proper funding to spruce up your current home that will be on the market can increase your potential down payment as well.

Ask lots of questions, and then ask a few more.

Very few buyers attend the home inspection.  This is a critical time to ask follow up questions and discuss with the inspector who found the potential concerns.  Investigate the homeowners association thoroughly. Read any pertinent reports and documents.  Regrettably, many homeowners find out too late just how “strict” the codes and guidelines are for their neighborhood.  Also do online research of the neighborhood, visit at various times of day, and during the week.  The homeowner with the 1970’s travel trailer that parks in the front yard, might not return until Sunday; and the open house you attended was on Saturday.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

This isn’t just a job interview question; it’s a home interview question as well.  Jumping into a  rash decision based on an unbelievable sales price or knowledge of a great property before its listed doesn't’t always make it the perfect purchase for you.  Does the home fit your needs for the next 5 to 10 years? Does it have enough or too much space? Will it be a burden on your commute, and are the schools where you would want your children to attend now?

Don’t waste time.

If you have done your homework; including lender pre-approval and thorough research of the property & neighborhood - then be aggressive! If it’s truly the perfect home, be realistic about the fact that here in the Brentwood, TN real estate market, sometimes offering more than the asking price, sets you aside as a serious buyer, especially when multiple offers are in play.  Also having patience going into the home buying search knowing that you might lose one or two to arrive at the perfect home, will be worth it.

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Sunday, 21 April 2013
Emotional pitfalls of selling your home

Brentwood sellers… don’t let your emotions prevent the sale of your home.

There are many predictable mistakes that sellers make based on emotions when it comes to the sale of their home.  Acting solely on these emotions puts your biggest investment at stake, as well as jeopardize the sale of your home in a timely manner.

Fair Market Value

This is a biggie; and most sellers let emotion rule when it comes to determining the value of their home in the Brentwood real-estate market. Many sellers base their selling price solely on their financial needs and what they deem necessary to be able to purchase their next home. There are many more factors that go into compiling market value for a home however.  Unfortunately, a home’s fair market value is largely determined by what qualified buyer will pay during a given period of time.  The most accurate way for this to happen is to review what has sold in your area, and the final sales price buyers actually paid for a comparable property.  As an experienced realtor, that knows Brentwood, TN and is informed about the daily market trends, I can effectively perform a market value analysis that will be critical to listing your home at a price that will bring in the most competitive offers. There are a few traps owners fall into when they have done large, expensive remodels that may feature specific upgrades that might not appeal to everyone. These are factors should be weighed when determining resale value.

Who’s The Target?

As your realtor, my focus is to assist you in determining who the target audience is for your home. This is critical to assess and implement the methods in which will market your home most effectively.  The surroundings of your property (such as being located close to downtown, or walking distance to the best schools) is critical to effectively targeting the proper buyer.

Let It Go

Attachment to the home that you brought your babies home to, or the sentiment attached to perhaps something you built or designed yourself can be detrimental to the sale of your home. It can possibly prevent you from looking at it as a sales transaction. No one else can perceive the sentimental value of your property. The buyer is trying to see if they can picture themselves in this space, so pricing it according to how you value the home might actually hinder the sale.   Typical traps include overpricing, not responding to market data and review after home has been on the market with no offers, not properly preparing the home for listing or ignoring staging advice.

Drop The Price

These are the dreaded words every seller hates to hear.  Overpriced homes rarely bring in multiple offers, if any at all.  Working with me to determine the best price from the start will prevent weeks or even months of stagnant showings and disappointment.

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Sunday, 14 April 2013
Home Finder

New Blog feature, Home Finder - Helping you find your perfect home in Brentwood, TN.

There's a brand new feature on the blog this week, and it will make it easier than ever to find the perfect home in Brentwood, TN. Check out the Home Finder link at the bottom of each page.  Home Finder is an essential tool for searching listings here in middle Tennessee.  As the market heats up, listings disappear quickly! Don’t miss out on the perfect home, just because you didn't’t find out about it in time.  

Simply register through the link with an email and password and basic contact information.  Home Finder will now search for listings that match your exact criteria and deliver them straight to your inbox each morning. You decide what criteria meet your needs; location, price etc and it automatically searches all MLS listings, and does the work for you.  Other features also include saved property searches for those that go straight to the top of your “must see” list.  Just click on "Save This Property" on the home details page and the home will be saved for you to review later. You may create as many HOME FINDER searches and save as many properties as you like.

And when you find your perfect home, simply click the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of the HOME FINDER email or delete all your searches from your HOME FINDER profile.

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Friday, 12 April 2013
Upcoming Events

Local events & happenings in Brentwood, TN

New to the Brentwood, Tennessee area and searching for neat things to help you explore our great city, or just looking for something to get the family out of the house?  Here are a few upcoming events that will do just that!

April 13

Under the Sea! Visit the Schermerhorn Symphony Center for this underwater adventure. Keep a watch out for mermaids, creatures of the deep, pirates, sharks and shipwrecks as the Nashville Symphony travels under the sea! Expect lots of aquatic sounds, including Debussy’s La Mer, Handel’s Water Music, The Little Mermaid, Pirates of the Caribbean and much more. Arrive early for pre-concert activities, which start one hour before show time! Activities are appropriate for all ages and include crafts, stories and Instrument Petting Zoo.

April 14

Sundaes with Friends, this is a fun ice-cream filled fundraiser for the Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt. It features a behind-the-scenes glimpse of a runway show (featuring kid-friendly styles), a walk down the runway, a sundae bar and more.  This event is more appropriate for girls ages 5 and older. Visit the website, registration is required.  

April 21

Family Fun day @ the Frist Center for the visual Arts.  If you are a new to the area, the Frist Center for the Visual Art is an amazing local treasure and a must see. Sunday from 1-5 pm, FREE admission. Families can see the new exhibit, Exploring Art of the Ancient Americas: The John Bourne Collection, and enjoy other activities like storytelling, art making, music and dance.

April 28

Need some warm weather inspiration, and a reminder it’s 5 O’clock somewhere? Head to the Bridgestone Arena for a concert with legendary, Jimmy Buffet and his Coral Reef Band.  Parrot heads unite! 

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Thursday, 4 April 2013
Brentwood, TN Real Estate Taxes

Tax implications of real-estate

We just thought Spring was around the corner…. Hopefully our weather here in Brentwood, TN will turn around soon, and our temps will reflect that we are almost in April! But with Spring, comes the (oh- so joyous) task of tax preparation. 

The tax implications of Real Estate are large, especially for those who are unaware of how refinancing, owning rental property or even staying a renter yourself, can apply to them long term.


It is important to check with your tax advisor before any real-estate transaction or refinancing. This is due to the fact that it potentially lowers the mortgage interest you can claim on your federal taxes, which in turn can raise your tax bill and yield a very unpleasant surprise when filing.

Rental Income:

Capital gains taxes can be a minefield, so going in prepared and knowing how to navigate owning property can relieve the headaches of an unexpectedly large tax bill. Selling an income property or even renting out your home for short periods of time have income liabilities as well. Prepare by researching local city and state tax laws to see how this affects you on all levels.


Don’t just save receipts for tax time, make sure to save them for your realtor! The money you invest in remodeling can impact the amount of money the IRS considers profit when selling your home.   Also, don’t forget the energy saving credits you might be earning by replacing older AC units, windows, insulation etc. These can potentially lower your tax bill.


The scenario of homeownership isn’t appealing to everyone, but at some point as your income increases, speaking with your tax advisor might be beneficial to your taxes.  Mortgage interest can potentially offer potential tax relief that can offset your increasing income level.

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Monday, 1 April 2013
Seller's, don't get rejected before they get in the house

Brentwood, TN Real Estate Tips…

Don’t curb your enthusiasm!

Unfortunately, in the real estate word of marketing and selling your home – there are just as many DO NOT’s  (when it comes to curb appeal) as there are Do’s!

Curb Appeal Do Not’s:

  • You might think that lovely violet paint matches your newly planted pansies just perfectly… however; loud and bright paint detracts from the overall value of your home. And when the buyer drives up – they immediately see a nice large bill from the painter before they even step inside. 
  • Gardens in the summer look lovely & lush, overflowing with fresh food… however, if out of season a potential buyer will see a dead overgrown area that can be interpreted as high maintenance. It might be best to forgo a season of your hobby when marketing your home.
  • A cluttered driveway is also a big no-no.  It can give the impression that there’s not room elsewhere to store it and the house lacks in space. Having the garage cleaned out and ready will solve this.  A parked car is also unattractive in photos that buyers see online.
  • Personal possessions can be a tricky subject, as the owner you are fond of the yard décor you have chosen for your home. But remember, you are trying to give the buyer the impression that they can make it their home now.  Any type of religious décor, lawn ornaments, or even old patio furniture becomes more of an eye sore.

Does all of this sound a bit overwhelming? No worries – I am here to help. With over 12 years in the Brentwood, TN real-estate market I have seen the best and the worst! I have the expertise to help your home stand out.  Call or email anytime, and I’ll be happy to walk through your home with you and help you evaluate a priority to- do list, suggestions and what the market analysis for your neighborhood shows about other homes.

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